Integrating 3D Design and Print With Core Subjects

Welcome! This website was created to facilitate easy navigation of several units and information in how to integrate three dimensional design & printing with traditionally core subjects and content.

My interest in this area began when my school acquired a 3D printer of which I became the steward. As 3D printing had become quite a common topic at technology related professional development events, I started searching for all the ways (I thought) that I could use the printer in my practice.

I was frustrated to find very little resources in how to weave 3D design & printing with my day-to-day teaching without sacrificing time to teach traditional content (suggested in the B.C. Curriculum) of common subjects.

Thereon, I created and tested lessons in which 3D design & printing could act as a meaningful supplement to common subjects while still exposing students to enough technological activity to cover portions of the Applied Skills and Design curriculum.

The site features 10-20 minute tutorial videos which include an introduction to 3D design & printing and basic drafting tools, plans and demonstrations of units which weave design & print with subjects like Language Arts, Math, and Art, and some considerations for educators to keep in mind when using the technology.

If you are new to the topic I suggest starting with the Introduction video below, where I explain the basic workings of 3D design & printing. If you would like to skip ahead to the main content, you can find their links in the menu bar.